Product Offerings

All styles are subject to availability.  

Please check with the Tasting Room for our current selections. 

Growler Container $4 & Fill/Refill $12-$15

16.9 oz Bottles Available for Take Out Only in Selected Varieties

Kegs Available!  Contact us for Pricing & Availability. 



Gold Rush: Fill $12/Glass $5  1% Sugar, 6% ABV:  Dry & delicate hard apple cider; like an apple-noted dry champagne.

South Cider: Fill $12/Glass $5/Bottle $6.99 3% Sugar, 6% ABV:   Crisp hard apple cider slightly sweetened with honey; notes of fresh apple and a creamy finish.

Johnny Chapman: Fill $12/Glass $5/Bottle $6.99, 4.5% Sugar, 6% ABV:  Rich hard apple cider sweetened with sorghum; caramel and malt notes with a sweet cider finish.


ReThinker: Fill $12/Glass $5,  1.8% Sugar, 8% ABV:  Hopped blueberry mead w/ lightly hopped aroma, fresh blueberry notes and a lingering bitter citrus finish. 

Washington’s Folly: Fill $12/Glass $5, 4% Sugar, 8% ABV: Tart cherry mead with light and refreshing with hints of cherry and a smooth, vanilla noted honey finish.

Shelby Blue Ribbon: Fill $12/Glass $5  5% Sugar, 8% ABV: Tangy strawberry, rhubarb & mead w/ a sweet finish.

Live Currant: Fill $15/Glass $6  9% Sugar, 8% ABV: Black currant mead that’s a sweet-tart in a glass.


Snap Dragon: Fill $12/Glass $5  1.5% Sugar, 7.5% ABV: Hopped apricot mead seasoned w/ coriander, orange peel, Hallertau hops & fermented w/ a Belgian wit yeast. - Summer Seasonal

Paulding Light: Fill $12/Glass $6 5% Sugar, 8% ABV: Tangy cranberry & honey mead with the snap of lime juice on the finish. - Autumn Seasonal

Breakfast Magpie:  Fill $15/Glass $6/Bottle $9.99, 4.5% Sugar, 8% ABV: Rich blackberry & espresso mead; heady coffee aroma w/ deep black raspberry notes mixed with chocolate and coffee. - Winter Seasonal


Check the Tasting Room for our current selection of specialties.